Acting Up! Theatre Camp

The week-long day camp will end with the original play, 

Pirates, Sailors and Other Things that Smell Like the Sea,

a series of skits and songs about a band of angry (if disorganized)

pirates fighting a fleet of brave (if distractible) sailors!

This musical theatre camp is for students entering

3rd through 9th grade in the fall.


- Camp dates -

South Haven 1: June 18 – 22nd,

9:00 until 4:00 daily

South Haven 2: July 9th– 13th,

9:00 until 4:00 daily


The cost $160 for one child/ one camp and $145 for each additional camp or a child in a family

(eg. two siblings in one camp= $305, one child enrolled in two camps = $305).

The camp will be held at Listiak Auditorium 

(adjacent to South Haven High School

located at 600 Elkenburg st.)


for more information, 

(269) 370-2584 or